Plant Genetic Engineering Network Coordinator-Boyce Thompson Institute

Project Description

The Plant Genetic Engineering Network (PlantGENE) is an exciting new community-driven initiative to address the global demand for plant transformation and gene editing through development of networks to promote research, training, and knowledge sharing. It is led by an internationally recognized group of plant genetic engineering experts who represent academia, industry, and non-profit plant research institutes. The Coordinator will play a critical role in coordinating efforts and developing a platform to achieve the goals of PlantGENE. PlantGENE is analogous to a web that will form connections with members and organizations of the plant research community on an international level to promote communication, training, and research to break bottlenecks related to plant transformation and gene editing.



The Coordinator will play a pivotal role in building and implementing the activities of PlantGENE. Responsibilities include scheduling and organizing meetings, formation of a transformation facility consortium, developing workshops and internships for hands-on training. The Coordinator will be required to give presentations at PlantGENE member meetings and at conferences. In addition, the Coordinator will be involved in development of the PlantGENE website, training videos, and virtual workshops. Assisting with grant proposal writing will also be part of the Coordinator's responsibility to help build programs within the PlantGENE network of research and training.


We are open to considering candidates at all degree levels (BS, MS, PhD) with appropriate experience preferred. Knowledge of plant transformation is desired, but not required. Being self-motivated and able to work independently are important characteristics for the PlantGENE Coordinator. Effective communication and presentation skills along with strong interpersonal skills are important for this position. Applicants should be creative, enthusiastic, and be willing to contribute intellectually in a team environment. Some travel is required.


To apply, upload a single PDF document to . This single PDF document should include: 1) a cover letter describing your previous experience, summary of accomplishments, and interest in this position; 2) your CV, and 3) the names and contact information for three references. References will not be contacted without an applicant's knowledge.


Location: Ithaca, NY

Send Application to:

Name: Joyce Van Eck
Organization: Boyce Thompson Institute
Address: 533 TOWER RD, ITHACA, NY 14853
Phone: (607) 254-5792